The Process

We handle your accessory dwelling unit (ADU) project from end to end with our team. Of course you’ll get involved in the fun parts (like floorplan decisions, color pick and designs) while saving you all the paperwork and heavy lifting to us.

Initial consultation

Schedule a video call or site-visit with us. Our team will figure out how to make the most of your extra space and a ballpark cost range for your project.


We will help you to discover what type of ADU is best suited for your property, goals and budget.

Design – Fun Time

Work with us picking form our floor plans and how to adapt it to your space and develop custom architectural plans and select finishes for your ADU.

Permitting – We do the boring (but necessary) paperwork.

Our team will take care of preparing your permit application and work directly with the city to expedite your permits.

Construction – Get Hands dirty

We pair you with a pre-vetted General Contractor and work together to bring your ADU plans to life.

Delivery – Enjoy

Our crew goes back home, you get your keys and have fun.