Should I build an ADU?

ADUs are built for a number of purposes, often more than once, and one of the best reasons to build one is the versatility. You could rent out your ADU for a few years, and live there in the future, while you rent the main house during your retirement! Also can be a good option to have your parent or grandparents close to you but with independence enough to make them feel comfortable. But Let’s analyze few options one by one.

Make money by renting.

As silicon valley residents we live in some of the country’s most expensive housing markets. ADUs allow homeowners to benefit from their unused rooms, such as garages, carports, backyards, and basements, on a monthly basis. But due to their own nature, an ADU lets you keep your privacy; unlike when you are renting out a bedroom, because you don’t share entrances, bathrooms, kitchen or couch.

Extra room for family and friends.

ADUs are a great option for housing to keep close but independent parents and let them to have some independence, adult children who are getting started in their careers or saving to buy a home