What’s an ADU?

ADUs are housing units added to existing residential buildings, often single family homes.
We have many words to describe them, including backyard homes, in-law units, guest quarters, secondary suites, cottages, tiny homes, and granny flats.

Why build an ADU?

Homeowners build ADUs for a variety of reasons, with flexibility as one of the best reasons to build one. You might rent out your ADU for a few years, then house family in it, then move into it yourself!

Is my property elegible for an ADU?

If you own a single family home or small apartment building in California, you’re likely eligible to build some kind of ADU – whether it’s a backyard Cottage, garage, bedroom or basement conversion. We’ll find out for you, for no charge or commitment. Get in touch with the Cottage team for a free eligibility report.

Can I put a bathroom in a garage?

Yes. To legally convert a garage you must turn it into an accessory dwelling unit. By law, an ADU has a bathroom, kitchen, living space, and a separate entrance.

In a garage conversion, do I need to replace parking?

Different cities have different requirements.

If you live withing half a mile from public transit or ride share, you are not required to replace parking!

If you are not within half a mile, luckily, the driveway can count towards your parking requirement. Different cities have different requirements for a parking spot, but generally, it’s a 9×18.5′ space that’s been hardscaped, meaning it can’t be dirt.

Another good piece of news, parking can be tandem in the driveway. So you can leave the driveway as is.

A guest quarter is considered an ADU?

NO a guest quarter cannot be considered as an ADU, regulations are direfent.