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Custom vs. Prefab ADUs

It feels like every day that a new prefab ADU design pops up in our Instagram feed. They often seem pretty appealing, with sleek designs, short timeframes and approachable price tags. While many homeowners start their ADU research process by looking at prefabs, savvy homeowners end up choosing custom designs and site-built construction. Here are […]

Does my property fits for an ADU?

Doing site surveys on backyards and lots across the Bay Area, we look for a few important aspects or conditions about the property that can have an impact on the location, cost, and orientation of backyard homes: Slope & Grade: From the rolling Los Altos Hills to the flatlands of Fremont, property lots across the […]

Should I build an ADU?

ADUs are built for a number of purposes, often more than once, and one of the best reasons to build one is the versatility. You could rent out your ADU for a few years, and live there in the future, while you rent the main house during your retirement! Also can be a good option […]