Considering building an ADU?

An accessory dwelling unit (ADU) is a smaller, independent residential dwelling unit located on the same lot as a your family home.

ADUs are also known as accessory apartments, secondary suites, granny flats, in-law suite, guest home, etc.

Regardless of its physical form (backyard cottage, basement apartment, converted garage, etc.), definitely offers a great solution for extra room, if you need extra space for extended family or want to have an additional income.

The laws and local regulations have changed recently and is important to have correct advice to stay into the current laws framework before start.

An Accessory Dwelling Unit

Regardless of their size can be a really cozy place from what you can take advantage.

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ADU types

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A free standing and independent unit usually on the backyard of the property.

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Add-on construction that shares at least a wall with the main home and sometimes utility connections.

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Converted Garage

An underutilized garage can be a good starting point to build an ADU and take advantage of the current structure.

Over the Garage

Buidind an ADU over your garage gives you the oportunity to get more space without loosing your garage.

Interior ADU Attic

that attic underuses can be converted into a lovely and well used space

Interior ADU Basement

Your basement might become into a comfortable place.